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Funding and Strategic Alignment Guidance †

Question: Examine about the Funding and Strategic Alignment Guidance. Answer: Presentation: The organization which is mulled over is the STP Limited. The organization is mostly running into a structure of issues in which their client rings them so as to check the conveyance of their item. Because of this explanation the staffs ring all around the areas so as to get the arrangement of anybody having the piece of request in stock. There was likewise an issue in the setting that when a client rings them for a specific item, the individual concerned checks the item is accessible or not. Thusly they see the thing is available session then again when the client comes to take the conveyance the association sees that the thing isn't accessible in light of the fact that it might have been moved to another area. So as to annihilate the issue, the association is fortifying upgradation in their data framework with the usage of another control framework for the stock, over again site and an administration framework which is for the client. The extent of the Project in every case should be particularly multi disciplinary for example it needs to help legitimately incorporation which is identified with the imminent and the data about the undertaking identified with numerous orders. The IT additionally needs to cover the structure idea of the items and the development of the procedure (plan) which is expected to complete the undertaking and come to the pre evaluated objective of the association. The primary idea which ought to be contemplated is that the plan idea of the usage isn't finished until the item, the procedure and the association is planned and the comprehension between the ideas is appropriately comprehended. The primary objective of the venture is to set up an arrangement of data innovation which would straightforwardly help the association in accomplishing the key objective which are predefined. The principle worry of the association is keeping the clients identified with their business, improvement of the systems administration which is identified with the association and keeping the information of the association in a made sure about way away from penetrating. The primary concern factor that is identified with the association is that the representatives are not profoundly talented when identifying with utilization of nay data innovation. The principle key objective which is set for the association for which the usage for the data innovation angle is being acquainted is with assistance their worker surpass the business development. Vital arrangement of task The idea of the vital arrangement of the task is legitimately identified with the idea of prioritization. Periodization is one of the capacities which can be named as a key capacity that drives the undertaking towards the objective of the association (Borlase, 2016). It is a lot of fundamental for the association to realize what kind of business they are managing in exceptionally recognizing what are the task drivers in the flourishing towards the objective of the venture. There can be heaps of undertaking drivers which may help in moving towards the objective of the association. The idea which ought to be thought about Is the arrangement idea of the undertaking with the drivers so as to accomplish the objectives. The absolute most normal model which are identified with the theme are: An opportunity to advertise the business: This might be identified with the showcasing of the item at the perfect time so as to grab the eye of the clients Improvement of the nature of the item: This is straightforwardly identified with the customer. in the event that the item which is conveyed to the customer is of value, at that point the customer would consistently request administration from the association. Support cost sparing identifying with the post selling: the upkeep cost after the arrival of the item to the customer ought to be considered in the primary financial plan of the task. Affirmation of the consumer loyalty: consumer loyalty ought to be the primary thought process of any association so as to accomplish objectives of the association. Increment of the offer in the market. System security Making sure about the information is a significant perspective which ought to be contemplated by any of the association. Two in number contentions can be expressed for the assurance of the information are ensure the protection and dodge of the data fraud. The focuses that ought to be thought about are: Ensure with secret word: This may appear to be a lot of new however the greater part of the digital assault are fruitful because of the way that the secret phrase convention which was set was a lot of frail. The entrance to all the remote system, types of gear and the information which are touchy ought to be protected with solid secret word so any undesirable client can't decipher the code and gain admittance to it. Safe plan framework: Limiting the entrance to the innovation foundation can straightforwardly lessen the introduction which is given to the cheats and the programmers. It ought to be thought about that the extent of the possible harm into the association arrange is limited by the execution of a one of a kind arrangement of email address, servers and area name with would be identified with every one of the clients, division and work gatherings. Fundamental preparing necessity: There are number of security penetrates that mostly happen because of human movement or remissness. A production of a culture which is corporate ought to be made by methods for preparing that legitimately manages the part of the hazard which is related with training of messy secret phrase and then again the indiscreet utilization of program, systems and gadgets. Keep away from of the obscure email: Clicking of undesirable sends and with it the connections which the mail substance could legitimately uncover the framework with infection, programs which are Trojan and PC worms. Prior to opening any mail connections, it ought to be thought about to contact the email sender so as to affirm the message which is content in the messages. Keeping the information which is delicate out of the cloud: Cloud figuring can offer numerous advantages to the association with it the part of efficient just as cash sparing. Be that as it may, then again the innovation may act dangers which are extra like the touchy information are housed on a server which is situated at a remote area. This information is predominantly worked by an outsider who may have issue with the security. It ought to be thought about that a large portion of the cloud suppliers are newborn children, so it would be suitable right choice to hold the delicate information under the own control of the association with the goal that information penetrate of loss of information isn't experienced (Prabhakar, 2017). Cell phone security Associations ought to consistently contemplate that the estimation of the cell phones can include advantage for the representatives. This mostly give them the entrance to the assets which are identified with the business from anyplace and whenever. The idea has not just gotten a reshaping the conventional in task which are identified with the in-office yet in addition the associations are concocting a way which is completely new and profoundly progressed. Then again, it very well may be expressed that there are numerous dangers which are related with the idea. Following are scarcely any dangers which can be straightforwardly be related with the innovation of the cell phone. Information spillage: Many multiple times the cell phone is taken or lost. This is consolidated with spilling of information into the hand of here and there who may utilize the information for their very own advantage and addition advantage from it. The client of the portable in the direct had believed the gadget so as to keep the delicate information in the framework however it might bring about an immense harm to the client just as the association. Unbound Wi-Fi: The free Wi-Fi arrange which is some of the time promptly accessible so as to enjoy action identified with the versatile, it very well may be profoundly unbound from the finish of the client. The client can be effectively being hacked by the innovation and have the information put away in the portable being penetrated which is legitimately being held by another person. Phishing action: Since the cell phones are consistently on the can be enjoyed forefront of the phishing action. The phishing action can be named as a movement which is done on any organized gadget so as to access the touchy data. System parodying: Network caricaturing can be identified with the action which should be possible on cell phone or any organized gadget in which the programmer will in general make a passageway which is phony (which may resemble a Wi-Fi arrange). This is done in high rush hour gridlock areas for instance coffeehouses where the client will in general utilize the free web association and fall into the snare of the programmers (Tllez Zeadally, 2017). The security viewpoint when identified with the utilization of cell phone so as to get to business data ought to consistently be contemplated. Cell phones consistently need antimalware programming so as to safe gatekeeper the framework from malware exercises. Encryption of the gadget ought to be in corporate because of the factor that correspondence which is identified with the remote are particularly effectively to catch and sneak into the gadget. Secret key set up for the gadget ought to be consistently on the top of the line that no undesirable client can get the immediate access to the gadget just as the information which is put away in the gadget in general. At any rate ones every year any association which is identified with this type of innovation should employ a respectable security ranch so as to perform security test on the gadget. Such activities could legitimately decrease the moderation and remediation viewpoint which is identified with the innovation. Plan for equipment buys The arrangement of the equipment buy is a significant issue when identified with any association. there are principally three things which ought to be mulled over while embedding the arrangement of the buy they are. Quality: the nature of the item is a significant issue. Scarcely any inquiry that ought to be incorporated during the quality check are. How well does

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Concept Paper on Medical Aid Schemes

MIDLANDS STATE UNIVERSITY Concept paper on the proposed State Universities Medical Fund Distribution List Mrs. V. Chirasha/Deputy Registrar (Human Resources) Author Mr. S. Masiyiwa/Lecturer, Department of Insurance and Risk Management 1. Presentation Healthcare fund and administrations suppliers in Zimbabwe were not saved by the monetary downturn of the previous decade. Most clinical guide social orders, for all intents and purposes crumbled when co-installments requested by specialist co-ops surpassed their worldwide cutoff points on advantage payaments. For instance, patients were being approached to pay Z$10 billion money as o-installment and the clinical guide society would just compensation Z$1 million as indicated by their taxes. This confuse, saw numerous customers, the state colleges notwithstanding, dropping their enrollment to such plans and holding the hazard themselves, either subsidized or unfunded. The presentation of the multicurrency framework in February 2009 carried the truly necessary security to different segments of the economy. Be that as it may, the framework was not upheld by critical outside money inflows and accordingly monetary action has stayed quelled. Numerous associations are right now working underneath limit and are cutting back to stay above water. This improvement has essentially decreased inflow of commitments to clinical guide social orders, who albeit working, are still to completely recoup and offer full scale benefits. 2. Late improvements Contributions made to clinical guide social orders are made on the understanding that â€Å"if you don't utilize it you lose it†. This is justifiable as clinical guide plans are essentially chance pooling and sharing arrangements and prefaced on the idea that the setbacks of a couple ought to be met by fortunes of many. In any case, the tight liquidity circumstance is constraining numerous elements to embrace imaginative hazard the board techniques proposed to hold however much money as could be expected and just redistribute those dangers that surpass their hazard craving. The monetary difficulties of the previous decade, we looked as a country uncovered the impediments of protection as a hazard financing instrument. We have all discovered that protection isn't â€Å"THE† arrangement however part of the arrangement and that there are likewise similarly acceptable options in contrast to protection. Some medium to huge scope associations have since made self directed protection plans to provide food for an assortment of dangers they face in their activities, e. g. material harm, wellbeing, burial service, superannuation, and so forth. Cell Insurance Company has led the selection of the idea in Zimbabwe through its â€Å"rent-a-cell† hostage game plan and today it controls a great deal of these plans. In any case, a troubling advancement in Zimbabwe is the exchange of the superannuation and bleakness hazard to the workers with desperate or corrupt businesses. As of late most if not the entirety of the state college staff had no enrollment to any clinical guide or medical coverage conspire. They were paying for their wellbeing and related costs from individual assets. The degree to which this methodology could be utilized was clearly restricted because of the low pay rates and stipends staff is presently getting. The state colleges have begun accepting subsidizing from the fiscus and reestablished their participation to clinical guide social orders. Nonetheless, the idea is as yet the equivalent: on the off chance that you don't utilize it, you lose it! How frequently have been to the specialist recently, once, twice or none? Truly, clinical guide social orders are getting more extravagant to the detriment of the individuals, college staff included. Holding in-house the commitments state colleges as of now pay to different clinical guide social orders and medical coverage plans could have any kind of effect to the underfunded foundations. 3. Recommendations for the state colleges It is against the above foundation that I suggest that the state colleges ought to consider setting up a bound together autonomous health advantage reserve to fund wellbeing and related dangers the state college staff are presented to consistently. It is additionally recommended that both the business (state colleges) and the workers should make occasional commitments to the store, the business paying 80% and the representatives meeting the parity of 20%. 4. Costing premise According to most recent work force records, the state colleges utilize around 3100 altogether. Costing of business wellbeing and self protection plans depends on the â€Å"law of enormous numbers†. The bigger the measurable base, the more precise the misfortune proportion becomes. Numerous plans working in Zimbabwe today really began as in-house plans with significantly less numbers, e. g. FLIMAS and First Mutual. The 3100 college workers establish a sizeable number, to consider costing of the proposed health advantage finance. Notwithstanding the degree of advantages required, existing college center usage figures ought to be broke down and remembered for the costing model. 5. Focal points of the proposed conspire The proposed plot has the accompanying focal points: †Contributions to the reserve ought to be lower as individuals won't pay for clinical guide society or insurer’s organization and net revenues. †Interest from the speculation of assets will gather to the advantage finance †Any benefits will collect to the advantage subsidize Benefits can be customized, improved and upgraded with time as the reserve develops †There will be no questions with clinical guide society or back up plans over cases settlement †There would be a solid motivation by individuals to decrease claims and control misfortunes †Global cutoff points can be expanded effectively wit h least or no expansion in commitments from the business and bosses †Improvement in staff assurance can be accomplished along these lines expanding profitability and the reclamation of money related autonomy and nobility. 6. Hindrances of the proposed plot The proposed conspire has the accompanying drawbacks: †The cases insights, which are utilized to settle on commitments will originate from a tight base †A cataclysmic misfortune (albeit remote) could happen in the early stages and crash the store. Be that as it may, disaster spread can be independently orchestrated with driving reinsurers for a low premium to cover the store against an aggregation of cases over the normal financial plan in some random bookkeeping period. †Individual little cases may not influence the reserve excessively however their total impact may have cataclysmic impacts. Disaster spread, depicted above can likewise alleviate this hazard †There will be have to utilize extra staff to deal with the fund’s managerial issues. Valid, yet utilization of existing centers and offices at state colleges ought to lessen the quantity of extra staff required. †There might be an impulse to dunk into the reserve and pay for disconnected exercises. This must be opposed by the leading body of the executives/trustees. Regardless the matter of the reserve ought to be isolated from that of supporting colleges. On the off chance that the †dip† is to be permitted it ought to be an advance dependent on winning business bank advance terms and conditions. †Benefits from the fundamental protection standard of spreading danger will be lost. From the previous, it tends to be reasoned that the focal points far exceed the detriments. The drawbacks, albeit genuine, are exceptionally hypothetical and remote. 7. Foundation of a specialized working board To speed up the procedure a specialized council comprising of delegates from the state colleges ought to be set up. The council should comprise of both administration agents (half) and worker delegates (half). This proposed to guarantee purchase in at the beginning periods and furthermore consolidated the different stakeholders’ interests and thoughts in the plan. 8. The order The specialized board of trustees must be commanded to do the accompanying errands: 10. 1 Drafting of the constitution The proposed advantage store will be run by its Rules and Regulations as revered in its Constitution. The specialized panel will be answerable for drafting the Rules and Regulations, which will incorporate, entomb alia: ) The name and objects of the proposed advantage support b) Board of the executives/trustees, arrangement and creation, gatherings, its forces and capacities c) Membership issues e. g. qualification, application, end, hardship of participation, and so forth d) Subscriptions e. g. level, recurrence and method of installment of memberships. e) Beneficiaryship e. g. qualification, applica tion and end of beneficiaryship. f) Schedule of advantages e. g. nature and measures of advantages, qualification for benefits, holding up periods, claims for benefits, dismissal of cases, ex-gratia installments. ) Assets, liabilities, rights and commitments of the clinical store h) Actuarial valuation I) Dissolution/wing-up of health advantage subsidize j) Amendment of rules e. g. power, prerequisites for correcting the principles k) General data for individuals e. g. advantage prohibitions, housing of members’ grievances and solicitations, installments of grants not upheld by receipts, installment of specialist co-ops, rundown of endorsed suppliers, letters of certifications for administrations gave outside Zimbabwe, deficiencies, travel spread on vacation, business or study. ) Promotion of the clinical store for acknowledgment by target specialist organizations and setting up working associations with them 2. Advantage structure The specialized council must build up variou s advantage choices which individuals can look over. I propose the accompanying plans, that I have initiated, for need of better names, the college head plan, college medium arrangement and the college standard arrangement. a) University Premier Plan This would be like the CIMAS Medexec Plan/PSMAS Pinnacle Plan and is intended to give official advantages to the chief officials and senior administration. ) University Medium Plan This would be like the CIMAS Private Hospital Plan/PSMAS Select Plan and is intended to give individuals who need worldwide cutoff points higher than those master

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An extremely normal dietary ailment is pallor. Iron deficiency is a condition that can create when a person’s body needs solid red platelets or hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is the manner in which red platelets get oxygen. Four percent of the kids in the United States somewhere in the range of three and five years of age are weak. Paleness can run in families and it tends to be gone down through ages and it can influence as long as you can remember. On a positive note weakness can be dealt with and those with this healthful illness can live standard lives. Reason for Anemia Pallor has three fundamental driver. The most well-known reason for weakness is blood misfortune. Weak ladies as a rule lose a lot of blood with overwhelming menstrual cycles. At the point when blood is originating from the stomach related or urinary tract blood can likewise be lost. Medical procedures and caner additionally can cause blood misfortune. On the off chance that a lot of blood is lost the body may lose a great deal of red platelets causing weakness. Another reason is when red platelets can’t be created. You can acquire having a modest quantity of red platelets, which means your folks passed the sickness to you. Or then again having barely any red platelets can be procured, which implies you weren’t brought into the world with the infection. You can gain iron deficiency by having a horrible eating routine, having reeling hormone levels, having a continuous infections, or pregnancy. In conclusion if an individual has a red platelet demolition can cause iron d eficiency. In the event that such a large number of red platelets are obliterated you are as yet losing red bloods cells. This can occur in the event that somebody has an augmented or infected spleen. The spleen evacuates old red platelets out of the body. In the event that the spleen is amplified or sick, it could evacuate more red platelets than should be expected which would prompt having weakness. Additionally if an excessive number of red platelets are obliterated that can prompt sickle cell ... ...ies which will diminish their measure of physical movement End Frailty is a condition that can create in anybody of all ages. It can extend from being minor or cautioning indications of something increasingly genuine. At the point when an individual needs enough solid red platelets weakness can happen. Pallor can be treated with prescription and changes in one’s eating routine. References Nordqvist, C. (2009). What Is Anemia? What Causes Anemia? Retrieved December 14, 2013, from 158800.php Edmundson, A. (2013, May 13). Getting Anemia - the Basics. Retrieved December14, 2013, from to finish guides/understanding-anemia basics (N.A.). (2012, May 18). What Causes Anemia?. Recovered December14, 2013, from themes/subjects/pallor/causes.html

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The Holocaust :: European Europe History

Holocaust All through the film, The Holocaust, the expression, I simply carry out my responsibility, was typically the main reason the vast majority who carried out wrongdoings against the Jews could think of. For instance, when Helena and Rudy Weiss were remaining in Kiev, the city was besieged. During the besieging, one of the Nazi troopers, who happened to be Heinz Muller, a companion of Inga's family, was hit by falling garbage. Reluctant, Rudy helped Muller escape from the falling structure, gave him some water, and asked him for what valid reason he was participating in the abuse of the Jews. I obey orders, Muller answered, unrepentant about what he did. Likewise, when Bertha Weiss was sent to the gas chambers in Auschwitz, Dr. Joseph Weiss asked the Kapo what befell her. The woman obtusely answered, Don't accuse me, I simply take orders. Whether to keep work, stay faithful to their motivation, or in light of the fact that they had no other reason, everybody utilized that expression to l egitimize what they fouled up against the Jews. Against Semitism and unreasonable feelings of spite are two factors that can cause Genocide. During the film, Eric Dorf guaranteed he didn't feel terrible about Kristallnacht or what befell the Jews, since he said the Jews incited it. Despite the fact that Kristallnacht was the primary significant slaughter, an administration supported assault on the Jews, and was horrendously dangerous, Eric said that they executed Christ and they merited what they got (The Holocaust). Moreover, Heydrich accepted that Germans and the Aryan race was better than the Jewish race and they needed to disengage the germ bearers (The Holocaust), so he chose to proceed with the arrangement for Jewish ghettos. The ghettos were expected to hold the Jews in a brief Jewish people group until they could be proficiently eradicated. This shows how Anti-Semitism and feelings of spite can create Genocide. In the video, Discussions With Oprah: Elie Wiesel, Wiesel clarifies that the most significant exercise to be gained from what occurred during the Holocaust is to not be aloof, however to even now be human despite everything that occurred. He said he accepted that something contrary to cherish isn't abhor, yet rather lack of interest, since aloofness can not be battled (Conversations). Not being uninterested is significant in forestalling another Holocaust later on. At the point when you have a decision to make and you don't make it, that in itself is a decision, William James once said.

AoN Papers For Sale

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How Elderly People Perceive Their Situation In Retirement Homes - 1375 Words

Research Proposal To Determine How Elderly People Perceive Their Situation In Retirement Homes (Research Proposal Sample) Content: RESEARCH PROPOSALName:Institution:Course:Date:Research Proposal to determine how elderly people perceive their situation in retirement homesAbstractThis research proposal is more of an observational study that seeks to analyze how the elderly perceive the quality of care they receive while they are in retirement homes. Thus, the research question for this research proposal is How do the elderly view and critic the quality of the services they receive as they reside in retirement homes? On a different note, one of the objectives of the proposal is to carry out an assessment of the quality of care that the elderly is accustomed to while they are in retirement homes. Moreover, the study seeks to analyze the quality of care by comparing the quality of the attention in the retirement homes to that which the elderly receive if they reside from their homes. Grounded theory will be used to guide the process of designing the qualitative study that is to be carried out by the r esearch to address the research question. 20 persons aged over 65 years are the ones that participate in the study. They do not have cognitive impairment and in so doing help in the determination of how the elderly perceive the quality of services in retirement homes. The setting for the research is primary care for four nursing homes. To carry out the controlled observational study, participants were elderly individuals who were aged â © ¾65 years. On the same note, the participants are divided into two groups that are those who are residents in retirement homes who are 172 in total, and those that live at home who are 526 in number. After the research is carried out, the outcome will be measured in that clinical care will be assessed alongside explicit standards that exist. The quality indicators that set explicit standards are derived from the national sources as well as be supportive of the sentiments by practitioners.IntroductionTo carry out research to determine or rather ass ess the quality of care that the elderly receive while in retirement homes involve analysis of the quality of medical care. With age, there are many health complications that the old are accustomed to and the effect of these complications is that their lives are at risk to the complexities (Carlson et al., 2014, p.762). Quality medical care is adamant if the elderly are to live longer and comfortably. There has been an uproar over the quality of these services in the retirement homes. Over the years, from the 1980s, the number of old people above 65 years living in a retirement home has increased significantly (Carlson et al., 2014, p.764). On the contrary, concern has risen over the inability of NHS beds to accommodate the elderly in these retirement homes as well as medical care by general practitioners (Carlson et al., 2014, p.766). Thus, they perceive the quality of care they receive from retirement homes as of good quality as compared to the same concern when they are in their residential homes.Literature ReviewThere has been concern over some challenges that the elderly are susceptible to while in the retirement homes (Rodrguez-Martn et al., 2013, p.65). Some of the shortcomings that are associated with residential dwellings are that there is the risk of excessive prescribing of drugs. Moreover, the elderly are likely to be offered inappropriate drugs especially neuroleptic drugs that are commonly given even when they are seemingly not useful (Nikmat et al., 2015, p.117). Under-prescribing is another risk that is likely to be experienced by the elderly while they are in the retirement homes (Rodrguez-Martn et al., 2013, p.65). Some of these drugs that are offered in low dosage than what is required might be beneficial to these individuals and under-prescribing the drugs put the lives of the old people at jeopardy (Rodrguez-Martn et al., 2013, p.65). The medical care that this research refers to is the clinical care which the elderly benefit from.Nursing homes also referred to as retirement homes, are now offering the residence for the elderly who are unable to reside house or are unwilling to occupy home. With the increase in the number of these homes, there is the need to improve the quality of care that is given to the elderly leading to the formation of a set of standards that meet the expectations and the perceptions of the old.They perceive retirement homes as safe havens where they can reside in peace considering that their safety is guaranteed (Fahey et al., 2003, p.580). In addition to the above, they see retirement homes as person-centered institutions which focus on their needs by paying attention to what they want and delivering different services to suit their wellbeing. They also consider nursing homes to have the necessary resources that are relevant for enhanced care (Fahey et al., 2003, p.580). The same resources are not present at home, and those that are at home are not of the same good quality as those that are p resent in retirement homes. For that reason, people aged above 65 years prefer to reside in retirement homes as compared to residing from home. Lastly, the residential homes are not well structured to accommodate their needs while the retirement homes are well structured to provide their different needs (Fahey et al., 2003, p.580).MethodologyIn-depth interviews will be used as well as grounded theory dimensional analysis. These two aspects of qualitative research will be used so that data can be collected and analyzed during the study. With the help of inductive method, a theoretical explanation will be developed that will guide analysis of the way the participants conceptualize quality of care. The participants that are to take part in the research will be 20 in total. Ten of the participants will be men while the remaining ten will be ten as well. A balance of gender is to ensure that the findings that are to be made by the research are not biased and at the same time to make the findings and results more reliable. The 20 participants will be subjected to the in-depth interviews. All the participants live in a retirement home. The variables for the study will be age, that will range from 65 years up to 75 years. Marital status of the participants, the educational level of the participants, as well as date of admission to the retirement home.Interviews will be held by a group of four individuals who will set up their stations at the retirement home. Everyone, in the research team, will interview five participants and the time limit for each interview will be ten minutes.Sample list of interview questions and topics Background and experience at nursing home Date of admission? Prior impression of nursing homes? Experience in and current assessment of nursing home? Perceptions and preferences Delivered care? Nursing home staff? Nursing home facilities?

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Definition of Accent in English Speech

The term accent has various meanings, but in speaking, an accent is an identifiable style of pronunciation, often varying regionally or even socioeconomically. It can be contrasted with a persons dialect, which includes regional vocabulary. Standard English has nothing to do with pronunciation, wrote Peter Trudgill  (Dialects.  Routledge, 2004). In fact, most people who speak Standard English do so with some sort of regional pronunciation, so that you can tell where they come from much more by their accent than by their  grammar  or vocabulary. George Mason University holds a speech accent archive, where people have been recorded reading the same English passage, for linguists to study, for example, what makes accents distinct from one another.   More on Dialects Versus Accents A dialect is a verbal departure from standard language. Dialects are characteristic of a particular group of speakers and have their own charm as well. Yall in the South, Yah in Minnesota, Eh? in Canada. The regional dialects of Brooklyn, the rural South, New England, and Appalachia, not to mention the greater contributions of Canada and Britain, and those of various ethnic cultures, have certainly enriched the English language. An accent is a particular way of pronouncing a language. Warsh for wash in Cajun Louisiana, New Yawk for New York among native New Yorkers, aboot for about in Canada. The appeal of dialects and accents comes from our appreciation of their musical intonations, imaginative word choices, and emotive speech rhythms. (James Thomas, Script Analysis for Actors, Directors, and Designers. Focal Press, 2009) Regional and Social Accents Accents are not just regional but sometimes contain information about a persons ethnicity, such as in the case of nonnative English speakers; education; or economic status. Within each national variety [of English] the standard dialect is relatively homogeneous in grammar, vocabulary, spelling, and punctuation. Pronunciation is a different matter, since there is no equivalent standard accent (type of pronunciation). For each national variety, there are regional accents, related to geographical area, and social accents, related to the educational, socio-economic, and ethnic backgrounds of the speakers. (Tom McArthur, The English Languages. Cambridge University Press, 1998) Phonetic and Phonological Differences Even though pronunciation differs, meanings of the same words often remain the same, such as around North America or between Britain and Australia.   Differences between accents are of two main sorts: phonetic and phonological. When two accents differ from each other only phonetically, we find the same set of phonemes in both accents, but some or all of the phonemes are realised differently. There may also be differences in stress and intonation, but not such as would cause a change in meaning. As an example of phonetic differences at the segmental level, it is said that Australian English has the same set of phonemes and phonemic contrasts as BBC pronunciation, yet Australian pronunciation is so different from that accent that it is easily recognized.Many accents of English also differ noticeably in intonations without the difference being such as would cause a difference in meaning; some Welsh accents, for example, have a tendency for unstressed ​syllables to be higher in pitch than stressed syllables. Such a difference is, again, a phonetic one...Phonological differences are of various types...Within the area of segmenta l phonology the most obvious type of difference is where one accent has a different number of phonemes (and hence of phonemic contrasts) from another.(Peter Roach, English Phonetics and Phonology: A Practical Course, 4th ed. Cambridge University Press, 2009) Why So Many British Accents? Though Britain is a relatively small place, English spoken there can sound quite different from one end of the country to another. There are more accents per square mile in Britain than in any other part of the English-speaking world.This is because of the hugely diverse history of English in the British Isles, with the originally Germanic dialects of Europe mixing with the Norse accents of the Vikings, the French accents of the Normans, and wave after wave of immigration from the Middle Ages down to the present day.But its also because of the rise of mixed accents, as people move house around the country and pick up features of the accent wherever they find themselves.(David Crystal and Ben Crystal, Revealed: Why the Brummie Accent Is Loved Everywhere but Britain. Daily Mail, October 3, 2014) The Lighter Side I sometimes wonder if Americans arent fooled by our [British] accent into detecting brilliance that may not really be there.(Stephen Fry)You know, Fez, unfortunately there are some people in this world that are going to judge you on the color of your skin or your funny accent or that girly little way you run. But you know what? Youre not alone. Why do you think the Martians wont land here? Because theyre green, and they know people are going to make fun of them!(Ashton Kutcher as Michael Kelso in Bring It on Home. That 70s Show, 2003)[Yankees] are pretty much like Southerners—except with worse manners, of course, and terrible accents.(Margaret Mitchell, Gone With the Wind, 1936)